make stuff

it started as a simple act of making art for the sake of art. the first project was to shoot 1 photo a day for a month. be creative; be consistent. the photography project ended up lasting a year and resulted in a book. through this i was able to encourage some friends to jump into similar projects and make art... just because!

other projects include a t-shirt design a week (52 Ts) with a fellow artist, pete samek and "words with ink" challenge with fellow friend and artist will webb (evolution tattoo). will and myself completed jake parker's inktober challenge in 2016 and found ourselves bored so we started up a weekly challenge of "words with ink". the rules are simple: give a fellow participant a word or phrase and they have a week to draw that word or phrase. once complete, he or she will send you a different word or phrase to draw. you have one week. back and forth until you both have a great collection of illustrations. the ultimate goal is to get a years worth of illustrations and make a book of the combined art. a few samples are shown below and more can be viewed on my instagram.

if you would like some of my art in wearable form, please check out my t-shirts at tee public.